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About The Society

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor Historical Society Inc. is a California non-profit corporation. We are an exclusive Society of individuals interested in Wallis and Edward ("WE") who are dedicated to recording the historical importance of the lives of the Duke & Duchess of Windsor.

Membership in this group allows you to participate by sharing your own WE interest and collection with other like-minded individuals throughout the world. This organization is founded upon member participation and interest, which is collectively focused in a quarterly journal. You can receive this journal either via a printed version or an electronic version pdf file that you may download and print from your own computer.

Our membership is made up of Windsor-philes from the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, France, Italy, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, Russia and South Africa. We have members in their early twenties to octogenarians, which proves that the enigmatic story of the life of the Duke & Duchess of Windsor trandscends generations and ages.


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Recent Society News
last updated: 9/3/09 11:56
  • NEW!!! Upcoming auction at Sotheby's London of jewelry of the Duchess of Windsor
    Jewelry originally sold in the historic 1987 Sotheby's Geneva auction is going up for sale again at Sotheby's London, November 30, 2010. Twenty pieces of jewelry, including the famous cross charm bracelet, the Cartier designed flamingo pin and many others. Photo below is courtesy of Sotheby's.

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  • NEW!!! Madonna's film which is a biopic about the abdication and titled W.E. is currently filming in the UK and Europe. The film project is controversial.
    The British press is already claiming that Madonna is "rewriting" history. The film is expected to be released in 2011.

    For the latest news report, click here.

  • Society Member and noted biographer/historian Hugo Vickers is writing a new book about the Duchess of Windsor.
    The book, to be published by Hutchinson in 2011 is titled BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: The Life and Death of the Duchess of Windsor.

    In a press released dated 5/6/2009 Hutchinson editorial director Paul says, "this is a sad story, especially of the Duchess's final years – old, sick and manipulated by her unscrupulous lawyer, Maitre Blum. There was also much internal feuding among the royals while the couple were in exile.  Lord Mountbatten, in particular, does not emerge with any medals for good behaviour."
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  • The Society is now on facebook. Check out and join the Society's facebook organization page and help make it a lively discussion forum. Just click here:

    Duke & Duchess of Windsor Society Facebook page



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